Tiffany the T4

For months I had been considering the option of buying my own adventure wagon. I had set myself a budget of around £3000 to get my very own van for the sole purpose of heading out on cool adventures.

I spent a few weeks flicking through ebay, bidding on different vans in a wide range of conditions but never being successful and inevitably being outbid on every item I laid my eyes on.

One evening after work I was placing bids and saw an old VW T4, a friend of mine had one so I messaged him to see if it was a fair price to pay. He replied saying it could be a bargain or it could be a rust bucket, so going in blind I made the seller and offer and about 20 minutes later I had a reply saying my offer had been accepted.

The following week I went down to collect the vehicle, slightly overexcited I collect the machine and drove it home. I then proceeded to spend the following 2 years stripping it down and rebuilding from the ground up. The first Christmas I had the van we were cruising round the New Forest when all of sudden the clutch went – this put the van out of action until late the following year when I had finally finished the rebuild.

A few snaps of the awesome van nicknamed Tiffany the T4 can be found in the gallery but to follow her on her adventures head over to Instagram and search @tiffanythet4