Breakfast with a View

Often we don’t realize that an entire adventure can be embarked on all before breakfast, and that is exactly what we did. Sam picked me up at 5am and we aimed for the coast. After a quick two-hour drive we headed down a pothole-filled, single track lane and found a car park. We arrived early enough to make it to the cliffs in time to watch the sunrise and the only person about other than us was a local man walking his dog.

A quick glance at the map pointed us in the right direction and we set off. As we crossed the fields the sun had just started to rise across the horizon, yet the fields were still full of mist and the morning dew was quite frosty.

After walking through a few fields we reached the South West Coast Path and set about finding a nice part of the cliff to climb down to the water’s edge. Slowly ambling down a steep hill we found a great area that would let us climb down to a tidal pool called the Dancing Ledge. We climbed all the way down the cliff and wandered round a few ledges to find the perfect spot sheltered enough from the costal wind to cook breakfast.

With the sound of waves crashing against the rock below us and the swell of the crashing waves spraying the water into the air to the sides of us, we started cooking breakfast with the fine salty mist from the sea that filled the air. Before we knew it the salty sea air was filled with the smell of fresh sausages sizzling in the pan. As the sausages cooked the sun peaked over the horizon. We cut our rolls, split the sausages and then both sat down. We poured a coffee from our flasks and enjoyed the well-earned sarnies we had just made.

No matter where in the world you are, remember that breakfast always tastes better with a good view.