A Weekend Adventure

 The concept was simple, where can we go for an awesome weekend full of adventure? 

Going back to work after an adventure of a life time is always difficult, it’s Monday morning and your first day back after an incredible time exploring Iceland and you immediately start to get that niggling feeling of “where to next”.  Straight away you start thinking of all kinds of trips you could go on but then its dawns on you that you can’t take any more time off this year without quitting your job.  

When we talk about going on an adventure we’re quick to think of grand adventures that take us away for months on end but in essence an entire adventure can be had in just one weekend. The concept was simple, where can we go for an awesome weekend full of adventure? After some quick discussions Jagz booked the flights and the following weekend we finished work on the Friday and flew out to Berlin.   

When we arrived we made our way to our accommodation and spent an hour walking round in circles before eventually finding the place. We got handed the keys to the apartment we had booked, ditched our bags and went to see what the nightlife had to offer.  After an eventful first night we set out Saturday morning in search of food and things to do.  

We made our way to see the remains of the Berlin wall and found it hard to believe that less than 30 years ago this beautiful city was divided. We spent some time exploring the memorial that had been left in place to show others what had happened there before moving on to explore the rest of the city. After getting on the train in the completely wrong direction we found ourselves stood beneath the Brandenburg gate before moving on to find a good spot for lunch.  

In search of lunch we found ourselves wandering round the massive blocks of the holocaust memorial before eventually finding somewhere to get a good curry-wurst. Over lunch we planned the rest of our day and eventually ended up at an adventure park high ropes course in the city centre. After a few hours having some fun we went to chill out in the beach bar next door before moving on to explore the rest of the city by night. Later that night we met up with some friends from Luxembourg who were in the city at the same time and spent the rest of the evening exploring the nightlife with them.  

The next day we made our way up the Berlin TV tower to get a good bird’s eye view of the city. The top of the tower gave us a fantastic panoramic view of the entire city pointing out famous land marks and buildings. This gave us the idea to make our way down to the famous checkpoint Charlie and to explore some more of the city history before making our way to the airport for the flight home. As we sat in the airport thinking of all the things we had just done we realised just how much adventure can be packed into one weekend and with that made the agreement that in for weekends in the future when looking to inject more adventure into our lives we could just book a cheap flight for an inspiring weekend away to a new Country and new city!